Fresh air is a wonderful thing!

Like most of us my son Chris and I are practising our social distancing.  Which is fine, and we are very happy to do it.  But today we decided to take advantage of the advice to get some exercise in the open, while keeping a distance from others.
We put a highly excited dog in the car (he really doesn't seem to understand what is going on lately, can't think why) and set off for a walk on Mousehold Heath. It's a place we've driven past many times, but never stopped at.  And we had a fabulous hour.
There were more people than we expected, and we found ourselves stepping off the path on several occasions to give people their space, and others did the same for us. There were many smiles and friendly greetings, but a sense of the strangeness of all this really did hang over everything.  I have to admit that my dog George, along with all other four legged walkers totally failed in all social distancing, but he's an old dog and it's a …
Welcome to my new online presence!

I can’t promise to have something interesting to say every day, but I thought it would be good to expand my Bridge magazine Rector’s letter writing over the next few weeks.  If you’d like to follow along, just bookmark this page in your browser.

Earlier this morning I sent the following to everyone on our email list - if I missed you, just send me an email - - and I’ll add you to future mailings.

Please feel free to ring, email, comment on here or send smoke signals. It’s a couple of years since I blogged, but I’ll get up to speed again quickly 😁

Above all, remember we are still church, and still here.

Love and prayers,
Dear All,
Life has changed rather dramatically in the last few days, and I wanted to write and assure you all that even though public worship has been suspended in our churches we are still church, and still here.  Our churches are places of prayer, and we are people of prayer, and nothing changes that. …